Friday, 6 November 2009

Cheryl Cole told not to verbally bully Danyl Johnson

It looks like Cheryl's negativity to Danyl Johnson has raised concerns in the X-Factor inner circle. Sinitta has reportedly warned Cheryl Cole to stop 'destroying' Danyl Johnson or risk driving him to a breakdown.

According to the News of the World, pop star Sinitta – who is by Simon’s side every moment backstage at The X Factor – told how the controversial contestant hasn’t been able to cope with the storm of criticism about his personality.

And she allegedly raged about the popular judge: “It’s outrageous for Cheryl to target him personally. It’s out of order and just mean. There is NOTHING to justify these comments that he’s not likeable, that he’s not a nice person, that he’s a horrible guy.

“Not everyone can turn you on and be your favourite, but to show your personal distaste just because you don’t like the person they are is quite hideous. It’s not fair.”

Sinitta is said to have told how Danyl finally cracked after facing more criticism from the Girls Aloud star and some viewers last week.

“What people saw as arrogance was actually Danyl putting on a massively brave face. People couldn’t handle the fact he was going to tough it out and get through it no matter what. But it was all too tough for him in the end. He was overwhelmed and nearly exploded.”

She reportedly added: “He had all the Susan Boyle-type hype and people were going crazy about him. Then he’s had to put up with being vilified and told he’s more hated than Hitler."

We agree with Sinitta, Cheryl needs to pipe down. It is not as if she is brimming with talent herself.

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