Friday, 20 November 2009

Danyl Johnson threatns to leave X-Factor over song choice

It is being reported that Danl Johnson had a big row with Simon Cowell and stormed out of rehearsals after disagreeing with Simon Cowell over song choice for tomorrow's show.

It is reported in the Daily Mirror that Danyl has been given George Michael’s Praying for Time for Saturday night’s show. But during a coaching session with singing expert Yvie Burnett he erupted in fury and walked out.

Now Danyl is threatening to quit altogether unless Cowell agrees to change the song.

A shocked insider said: “He literally burst out the door and ran off down Battersea High Street. A few production staff chased after him to try to calm him down and make him come back but he was having none of it.

“They even sent a car to follow him and try to make him see sense and return but he refused. “He seems very angry and upset and is demanding a different song. It’ll be interesting to see if Simon backs down or makes him stick with it.”

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Pressure mounts on Danyl.

Danyl Johnson is finding the pressure of the X Factor tough, according to a report in Now Magazine.

A Source claimed that Danyl's suffered from stress in the past, and he had a particualrly rough time in 2004 after his boy band NV split.

The source went on to suggest that he really struggles with rejection, so he's probably in the wrong industry.

Cracks began to show in the singer's confidence after he failed to impress the judges with his performance of Aerosmith's 'Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' during Rock Week.

The insider added: "The show's bosses are aware of his past and since all the fuss over Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent they're switched on about dealing with vulnerable contestants. They've been keeping an eye on Danyl.

"They called in psychologists this week and they're happy for him to continue now they've assessed him.

"All the contestants had psychological testing this year to ensure they could handle the pressure."

Friday, 6 November 2009

Cheryl Cole told not to verbally bully Danyl Johnson

It looks like Cheryl's negativity to Danyl Johnson has raised concerns in the X-Factor inner circle. Sinitta has reportedly warned Cheryl Cole to stop 'destroying' Danyl Johnson or risk driving him to a breakdown.

According to the News of the World, pop star Sinitta – who is by Simon’s side every moment backstage at The X Factor – told how the controversial contestant hasn’t been able to cope with the storm of criticism about his personality.

And she allegedly raged about the popular judge: “It’s outrageous for Cheryl to target him personally. It’s out of order and just mean. There is NOTHING to justify these comments that he’s not likeable, that he’s not a nice person, that he’s a horrible guy.

“Not everyone can turn you on and be your favourite, but to show your personal distaste just because you don’t like the person they are is quite hideous. It’s not fair.”

Sinitta is said to have told how Danyl finally cracked after facing more criticism from the Girls Aloud star and some viewers last week.

“What people saw as arrogance was actually Danyl putting on a massively brave face. People couldn’t handle the fact he was going to tough it out and get through it no matter what. But it was all too tough for him in the end. He was overwhelmed and nearly exploded.”

She reportedly added: “He had all the Susan Boyle-type hype and people were going crazy about him. Then he’s had to put up with being vilified and told he’s more hated than Hitler."

We agree with Sinitta, Cheryl needs to pipe down. It is not as if she is brimming with talent herself.

Reading Mall celebrates Danyl Johnson day

The Oracle shopping centre celebrated a Danyl Johnson day to rally support for the local lad.

Amongst those who turned out were Danyl’s mum Maria, with nephew Malaki, aged two, sister Janine McCubbin and his best mate Richard ‘Mac’ McCallum. Reading Mayor and Mayoress Fred and Jean Pugh, along with Oracle staff, also turned out to lend their support

Richard said: “When Danyl was first on the show the press were going mad, they were all outside our house that we share in Arborfield and it was all a bit weird. It’s calmed down now but they still come round every Thursday and Friday hoping for me to dish some kind of story, which of course I won’t.

“I have been going to the live shows and it has been great to watch him. I am really proud although it is very nerve-racking.

“What you see on the television is not Danyl as a person, he has a very confident stage presence, it’s not cockiness, it’s confidence and when he steps off the stage that is when you get to know the genuine and caring guy that he is.

“There has been a lot of press coverage about his sexuality but to be honest, it is not an issue and it’s actually no-one else’s business.”

Mum Maria Burgess lives in Kent and is very proud of her son.

She said: “X Factor has taken over my life. It is what everything is about at the moment but seeing Danyl on stage is wonderful.

“He has such a natural charm and a twinkle in his eye. He has always stood out as talented, not in an overbearing way but it’s always been there. It’s been an emotional roller coaster but it’s such an amazing experience for Danyl.”

His sister Janine McCubbin, from Emmer Green, added: “The people in Reading have been fantastic and their support is wonderful. If people recognise me in the street they come up and say they’ve been voting for Danyl.

“Of course we would love to see him in the final but whatever happens now, we are so proud of him and we know he is working so hard and doing his best.”