Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Danyl Johnson's been bisexual since 14

I don't know if Danyl is trying to keep this under wraps, but if he is he might want to let his "friends" know.

The Mirror reports that a friend of Danyl, Stephen Blackie has told a Magazine that Danyl has been bisexual since he was 14.

Stephen, who used to live with Danyl, said: “Danyl told his family he was bisexual when he was 14. His mum was 100 per cent supportive.

He also described Danyl, a teacher from Reading, as extremely popular with both sexes, getting lucky whenever he went out clubbing.

Pal Stephen said: “He would get lucky with both men and women, but was not the type to take people home for one-night stands.

“He loves being the centre of attention and would snog people almost every time we went out.”

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